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Stuart Simpson

33. he/they. 

Stuart holds a BFA in Theatre from Memorial University’s Grenfell Campus, where he was awarded the Andre Noble Most Promising Talent, and Tommy Sexton Triple Threat awards. Stuart is the co-founder and co-owner of Halfhandsome Industries Inc., a comedy production company based in St. John’s, responsible for the highly successful sketch comedy show ‘Almost Baymous’, the comedy podcast “CODCAST”, as well as the series 'JackTV' released this winter on FibeTV1, now available on YouTube. With Halfhandsome, Stuart has had the immense privilege of touring across North America performing in cities like Toronto, New York and Chicago. He's also an aspiring DJ that goes by the name DJ Ziploc.


Stuart is opinionated. And he's got opinions on just about everything. In this kickass blog he intends to share those opinions with you. Whether it's TV, Music, or whatever else is happening in the Zeitgeist, Stuart is gonna spell out what he's making of it right here. From DJ Ziploc to you… stay fresh homies.

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