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Double Trouble: CUERPOS EP "En Dos Partes" Showcases a Unique Blend of Genres

Author: Stef Curran

There’s a special spark that is created when two musicians fuse their collective musical tastes and interests together, forming a specific style of music that some may not believe works, but actually proves to be unique and sustainable. This is the case for duo CUERPOS, whose music combines the DIY/punk world with the calculated precision of electro-dance beats.


CUERPOS is the brainchild of musicians Francis Dawson and Nadia Duman, two musicians living in Newfoundland who are dedicated to making a psychedelic experience for dancefloor go-ers and music lovers. The duo formed in 2019 when they came together to create music that celebrates their Latin roots, shaking up the sounds they grew up around, creating a specific sound personalized to their tastes. Dawson and Duman explain that their music “combines elements of Latin and Caribbean music - cumbia, dub, reggae - with club-ready electronic beats and production.” They go on to state that CUERPOS “encapsulates the raw, chaotic energy of punk music, balanced with the calculated precision and groove of dance music,” which is definitely highlighted throughout their catalog.

En Dos Partes, the title of their new album, translates to “in two places”, which the band states is a nod to the duo’s musical backgrounds.


The two musicians that make up CUERPOS are growing artists who, since their formation in 2019, only continue to reach higher grounds with their music. Francis Dawson is a DJ and active in the local electronic scene, and Nadia Duman is a multi-instrumentalist and active in the local DIY/punk music scene. Two very different genres and scenes that surround them, but when two musicians approach their craft from a collective understanding and appreciation of each other's cultures and interests, magic can happen. That is exactly what CUERPOS delivers.

In many aspects of music, we see fans really harping on artists for branching out and exploring new, unique styles of music. Oftentimes, this happens in genres that are on the outskirts of modern “radio-friendly” genres, and genres that speak to people who are not as commonly spoken to in the realm of modern music or art. Scenes such as punk, hardcore, all forms of metal, more often have a fanbase that encourages the band or artist to stay true to the form they began with. CUERPOS shows music lovers that music is not meant to stay inside a dictated box or follow a concrete set of rules; it speaks to the importance of collaboration and expansion that music, and all art forms, crave.

The very existence of certain genres are born out of artists having many different interests in the vast genre filled world of music. Take the 90’s grunge era for example. Bands like Alice in Chains, Nirvana, and Soundgarden all had members that loved a wide array of genres. These influences include classic 80’s rock bands such as KISS and Aerosmith, to the artistry of David Bowie and Prince, pop-ballad maker Elton John, metal bands from Black Sabbath to Metallica, and of course high interest in the punk and hardcore scene following punk Queen Patti Smith and bands like The Velvet Underground who held the reigns the scene in New York. All of these influences, along with pressures from the outside world and the toll of human experience, formed this genre in the minds of musicians that harnessed it, nurtured it, and then took the world by storm.

What CUERPOS does is what musicians have been doing for decades; making music for them based on what they want to hear and what they are proud of showcasing, regardless of what the "man" says.


The En Dos Partes EP, released on YUNG DUMB Records, is a follow up to the bands 2021 self-released record Plumas. En Dos Partes features three original tracks and one remix. These tracks span differing genres, such as house, post-punk, and dub. CUERPOS state that the first track, Sueño Sin Fin, is an “upbeat dance track that pairs a driving bassline with catchy vocals.” The track was reworked by the Montreal-based DJ and producer Regularfantasy, specifically, the band states, “for the dancefloor and DJ in mind.” If you’re not a fan of upbeat dance tracks that make you want to groove onto the dancefloor, CUERPOS explores different tempos and rhythms, with the albums third track Malas Lenguas being a more “moody, downtempo house cut with post-punk and dub leanings.” It’s certain that with these two multi-dimensional musicians in the drivers seat, there’s bound to be something in this album that peaks your interest, or at least gets your foot tapping.

Listening back through CUERPOS catalog, it fascinated me the true depth of their music. I will be the first to admit that I love all forms of music, but electro-based genres don’t usually scratch the itch in my brain, other than superstar group Jungle who really harnesses the “make you move” vibe. I hear a lot of Jungle’s power in CUERPOS’ music, getting the urge to groove out in almost unexpected places, or just feeling this internal rhythm submerge out of the shadows. You can hear how involved these two are with their sound, making tracks that reflect who they are and what they like and that’s pretty punk rock if you ask me.


What's so interesting about CUERPOS is the fact that they perform their music live with instruments and vocals while also incorporating the DJ aspect of their music. Owning the stage they perform on, CUERPOS makes magic appear while on stage, showing the vast knowledge these musicians have in making music, playing their instruments, and creating these songs live on stage piece by piece. It highlights the creative process of making music, and takes it to a whole new level of impressiveness.

The live quality of this band adds another piece that just makes them cool in every sense of the word. The combination of tight beats with the almost haunting/god-like voice of Duman floating over top creates this mystical sound that draws you in. Recreating this music live is just a cherry on top of all the work and dedication this band puts into their sound.

Follow the link below to see a live video from CUERPOS

The main thing to take away from CUERPOS is how crucial it is to be open to the blending of different musical genres, and to dive into the exploration of the sound we create. By staying true who they are and what they want out of their music, this duo creates amazing, unique beats that will definitely get your feet, or hips, going. Their style allows you to appreciate the musicianship they harness while onstage, while also giving listeners a sneak peak of who exactly these two musicians are.


You can celebrate with CUERPOS on their release of En Dos Partes by heading down to Velvet Nightclub on May 12th, with support from Quin (Selenium) and Ash Park (YUNG DUMB).

If you want to hear more of this dynamic duo, follow the link below to purchase En Dos Partes and support local music in Newfoundland and Labrador.

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* All photos summited by the band are taken by photographer Ethan Murphy.


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